World first: first Blue Foot Membranes installation operational

Pantarein unveils a first: the first Blue Foot Membranes installation was put into service.
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Automated and bigger

Perfect for high loads and largely automated. Those are the advantages of the new anaerobic-aerobic treatment plant at Les Brasseurs de Gayant.
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Huyghe Brewery shows off water reuse at Environmental Congress

Less wastewater, more water reuse: such is the ambition of Huyghe Brewery. Pantarein Water turned that wish into reality. The environmentally-friendly water treatment plant was presented at the Environmental Congress.
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How can small and medium-sized breweries optimise their water and heat recycling processes? Pantarein, CORE and the Bosteels and Huyghe breweries demonstrate some of the possibilities with the DUWAHE² project. The project was concluded successfully and the results were presented on February 4th.
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Logo Inbev

Inbev Jupille and Pantarein carry out energy optimisation study

Inbev in Jupille will save one million kilowatt hour in energy. Pantarein carried out the study that led to the cost-saving measures.
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Pantarein constructs its largest water treatment plant as of yet

The water treatment plant of the new brewery of Brasseurs de Gayant was constructed by Pantarein. It is our biggest realisation as of yet.
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Logo Huyghe brewery

Pantarein Water and Huyghe brewery turn wastewater into potable water

Pantarein water developed a compact membrane installation for Huyghe brewery. The effluent of the membrane installation will be turned into potable water through nanofiltration. The water is then collected in a buffer tank and used to clean the tanks.
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