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Sustainable technologies

With our new technologies, we demonstrate that the re-usage of water and the conservation of energy can go hand-in-hand. It will allow your company to satisfy the increasingly stringent standards imposed by the government and to make substantial savings at the same time. And the environment benefits, too.

Pilot plants

We put our research into practice. Using our pilot plants, we are able to conduct tests for a wide range of technologies. The pilot plants are also used by us in the field, for example for feasibility and optimisation studies.

Introducing our research projects

  • Erasme-project

    'High-efficient and cost-effective airlift MBR for water reuse in textile finishing'

    By means of Erasme, we examined how the performance of an airlift membrane bioreactor could be improved and quantified for the treatment of wastewater from the textile industry. The emphasis was on sustainability: permanent tests were carried out on the reusability, and energy consumption was identified. To compare the quality of the effluent, Pantarein Water subjected the wastewater to both biological and physical treatments.

    The Erasme project was supported by IWT, ran for two years and was completed at the end of February 2013.

  • SME innovation project

    'Potential synergy between an anaerobic and aerobic membrane bioreactor'

    How can we enhance the technology for treating wastewater with a high load? Together with the SME innovation project, Pantarein Water is developing new possibilities with advantages over customary treatment techniques. The proposed configuration enables a higher degree of degradability efficiency and ensures that flake size ceases to be a critical parameter in the treatment process. We also want to eliminate sludge rinsing. And the innovation project should also raise the production of biogas. We are also examining a configuration that brings together the benefits of an anaerobic and an anaerobic membrane bioreactor.

    The SME innovation project was supported by IWT and started early February 2013.

  • MIP project IMCE²RS (Environment and Energy Technology Innovation Platform)
    “Conceptual development of innovative membrane configurations with maximum energy efficiency and water reuse capacity”

    Ways of reusing as much water as possible appear to be numerous. But specialised reusage technologies consume an awful lot of energy. That is why Pantarein Water and Leuven University, partners from industry and end-users Boortmalt and De Proefbrouwerij are developing an energy-saving method based on membrane technology. As part of the MIPO project, the wastewater is pre-treated with a nanofilter. The permeate is easy to reuse. The concentrate is ready for anaerobic treatment that produces biogas. 

    The MIP project got under way on 1 October 2014 and just one month later was acclaimed the winner of the Cleantech Battle at the Cleantech Festival. The project continues until the end of September 2016.

    Partners: Leuven University, De Proefbrouwerij, Boortmalt, Pentair, Nanobranes, Intellitech, Avecom


  • Demonstration and dissemination project DUWAHE² (Vlakwa – VITO)

    “Sustainable water treatment technology: water reuse, heat recovery from water and energy-efficiency water treatment”

    Belgium has around 130 breweries, including many that operate on a small scale. Together with research partner VITO, the CORE student cooperative and breweries Huyghe and Bosteels, Pantarein Water wants to demonstrate that the reuse of treated wastewater and the recovery of heat from a water treatment plant are affordable. The demonstration project runs from 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015, is supported by Vlakwa and aims to contribute to a more sustainable brewery sector.

    Partners: Huyghe, Bosteels, CORE

    With the support of: Vlakwa