A water treatment plant with a long service life thanks to good quality maintenance

Remote control

We will keep an eye on things, day in, day out. We won't need to get in your way. We will watch over your plant remotely. This will quickly uncover any irregularity in the composition or flow rate of the wastewater. If necessary, we will make adjustments: from our offices we will arrange a quick adjustment to the water treatment process. If we observe any irregularity that is better solved locally, we will call in our process engineers and mechanics. They will go to your site if necessary.

Follow-up visit

You will have no more sleepless nights worrying about the quality of effluent in your water treatment plant. Every week or every two weeks, our process engineer will drop in to sample the effluent. He will check your plant and take care of maintenance. Each month you will receive an action report from him. This will provide you with an overview of all performed analyses.

In-house laboratory

Pantarein Water has a well-equipped laboratory that specialises in such matters as analysing standard effluent parameters. Our laboratory performs the analyses quickly and accurately. This allows us to take prompt action when it comes to controlling the process at your water treatment plant.

Technical maintenance

Technical maintenance ensures that everything runs smoothly. Every six months, our engineers will tune up the most important parts of your water treatment plant. From pumps to mixers, from compressors to blowers.

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