The greenest energy is the energy you do not need to produce

Optimisation of existing purification systems

We will examine the process and the entire installed base of your water treatment plant to determine where you can make savings on energy. By means of extra measurements, right down to the actual biological processes, you will know exactly where to find the biggest energy wasters. Armed with this information, we can submit to you hard proposals – small interventions or bigger alterations – to optimise your water treatment plant.

Energy efficiency with new installations

For a new plant, we make the right technological choices right from the start. We might go for anaerobic processes, for example. As they don't require any oxygen, the energy consumption remains limited. And there's more: biogas is released. This can be used as green energy. And we will smartly control the industrial equipment in the water treatment plant to make it consume less energy. By automating, we can efficiently arrange aeration, traditionally an energy waster.