The best available technology. Selected by the best available partner in water treatment.

Feasibility studies

Will it benefit you to invest in your own water treatment plant? Or is it better to discharge the wastewater into the sewer system or have it taken away for external processing? We will help you make an informed choice. With a feasibility study, you get a picture of the best solution. We start by means of a sampling and analysis project. This allows us to examine the biodegradability of the effluent or to examine the stability of a certain technology under ever-changing conditions. Want us to be there with you on- site? We will be pleased to visit you and demonstrate our pilot system.

Based on the results of the research, we will determine the technology best suited to your needs. Pantarein Water is not bound by its own patents. So we are able to give you an extensive overview of the best technologies available on the market, an accurate design and all technical specifications, complete with a statement of the price.

Pantarein Water is an approved service provider for the SME domain.

Optimisation studies

You are undoubtedly good at streamlining your company’s processes. It is only logical for you take a critical look at how your present water treatment plant is working. Pantarein Water is the ideal partner to optimise your water treatment plant.

During an audit we will gather and analyse data about your present system. To make a good assessment of the situation, we will visit your site regularly over a period of several months. We will also keep a remote watch on your water treatment plant. Based on a thorough analysis of the information that we obtain, we will identify what can be done better.

In some cases, a minor intervention is enough to put your water treatment plant back on the right road. In other cases, it is advisable to build a new plant. We devote a lot of attention to the technical feasibility of every solution. You will receive a detailed overview of every conceivable solution. It will contain a description of the proposed technology, an accurate design and all essential technical information, complete with a statement of the cost.

Pantarein Water is an approved service provider for the SME domain.