An efficient construction process, from engineering to start-up


Once you have opted for a water treatment plant, we will develop the required technology with you. Then we will gear up: the detailed design, the volumes and the technical specifications will be set down in precise detail.

Want to engage Pantarein Water as a consultancy? We will support you in evaluating offers and making purchases. While work is in progress, we will act as a project manager and contact person for your suppliers.

What happens if you engage Pantarein Water to build your water treatment plant? If you do this, you will also be unburdening yourself of concerns. We will take care of the purchase of the building materials. From that moment onwards any deferred delivery times or work schedules will be our concern.


As we are personally responsible for the design of your plant, we know your needs better than anybody else and will guarantee the quality of your water treatment plant. What's more, we will be pleased to simplify everything for you. Our engineers can build the entire plant in our own workshops in Mechelen. We will then deliver it to you at your site. Your solution will be installed in one go. Not only is it practical, it is also financially advantageous.


Once your water treatment plant is in place, we will not stay on the sidelines. In the start-up phase, our process engineers will be there to assist you until attainment of the agreed quality guarantees.

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